HighCab Press Release

Wheelchair-friendly grow box HighCab makes homegrowing accessible for people with a mobility limitation

December 19, 2019 – With the HighCab grow boxes from DutchGrowTech, one is able to grow fruit and vegetables in their own home, while sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair. The HighCab is essentially a heightened grow box, which offers the leg room required for gardening in a sitting position. This is in contrast to standard grow boxes and grow tents, which are in fact only suitable for mobile people.

The HighCab offers two sliding doors on two sides and stands on braked castors, allowing people to turn around the HighCab so that the entire crop within the grow box is always within reach. The standard HighCab offers the same leg room as a standard wheelchair-friendly kitchen counter, but a custom-made HighCab can be designed and delivered upon request. This ensures that the leg room and the height of the HighCab, will always perfectly match both the end user and the (wheel)chair that is being used. The result is maximum (seating) comfort, convenience and accessibility during gardening.

The sturdy construction based on aluminum profiles and steel-reinforced connectors, is strong enough to carry the weight of a small passenger car. So one can easily hang the heaviest grow light in the HighCab, without overloading the construction. There’s also enough space for about 200 to 500 watts of grow light, depending on the chosen type of grow light.

About DutchGrowTech:
DutchGrowTech develops, designs and builds unique horti tech, ranging from wheelchair-friendly grow boxes to specialty LED grow lights.

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