HighSleeper Press Release

Tomatoes are easily grown under your matrass with the HighSleeper

December 19, 2019 – With the HighSleeper beds from DutchGrowTech, everyone can grow fruits and vegetables under their matrass. The HighSleeper is in fact a loft bed/high sleeper, with an enclosed grow box underneath it. Using grow lights and ventilation, people can live self-sufficiently, in the field of food, in even the smallest of homes. This is great for the environment and one’s wallet.

The HighSleeper is available in three different heights, so that there’s always plenty of vertical growth space for every type of crop. One can also opt for one, two or three separate grow compartments, which can each be used for a different purpose. This enables people to, for example, maintain a mother plant in one compartment and veg and bloom in the other two compartments. That way one can grow crop in a continuous cycle.

The sturdy construction based on aluminum profiles and steel-reinforced connectors, is strong enough to carry the weight of a small passenger car. One can easily hang heavy grow lights in the compartments of the HighSleeper and sleep on it, without overloading the construction. There’s also enough space for about 1000 to 2000 watts of grow light, depending on the chosen type of grow light.

About DutchGrowTech:
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